Welcome to Wharton County Appraisal District!

Residential, rural property deadline to protest is postmarked May 17. 

To prepare for your hearing:

In comparing property, please ensure you compare to same quality class with similar age and amenities.  Each improvement class has the same price per square foot for same property, adjusted for size.  Prices vary between quality classes.

With the sales currently on hand, proposed values are supported and not much room to make changes.  HOWEVER, with each sale price and fee appraisal received, the CAD continues to adjust neighborhoods, regardless if protested or not. The target is the most correct, supported Market Value, not the highest value. There have been some adjustments since notices were mailed, and may continue to be adjusted as current sales data comes in.  The CAD does not have access to MLS, and must rely on the sale conditions and closings from buyers and sellers.

If you have purchased property in the last 18-24 months, you need to submit your closing statement and fee appraisal.  It will be the first thing requested in your hearing.  If you can provide it now, it may assist the entire neighborhood.  If a fee appraisal was performed within the last 12 months for market value, by certified appraiser using USPAP standards AND provided in its entirety to the CAD at least 14 days prior to a scheduled hearing, the ARB must use the appraised value or closing, unless the CAD can provide more relevant comparables or provide evidence to support a different value or improper appraisal. It can’t be considered when presented in the hearing without recessing the hearing for review.

Please continue to check this website value for updates, which are solely dependent on current sales data to change.  Otherwise, you will need to bring or submit photos of issues you may have that singles your property out from others similar to you.  To submit a protest for unequal and comparison, it requires a random sampling of similar properties.  Then the properties must be adjusted for differences. Once adjusted, list in array for the median. The question will be: how you arrived at the random sample, is the sample similar properties, what adjustments for differences were made and where your property falls in relation to the median.  When you get your ARB procedure packet, please review for more information on an Unequal Protest Presentation.

Current sales closings, MLS information or fee appraisals may be submitted via email to tgamble@whartoncad.net .  The information/source is held confidential and only disclosed in a hearing for which the information is relevant.  Thank you.

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Mission Statement:

Wharton County Central Appraisal District (WCAD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas.  The Appraisal District’s primary responsibility is to develop an annual appraisal roll, by establishing and maintaining market value appraisals for all real and business personal property, for use by the 22 local taxing units in imposing ad valorem taxes on property in the county.  The Texas Property Tax Code is the primary source of law and guidance for the Texas property tax system.

*** Wharton CAD has elected NOT to accept BPP Renditions by Email. Late Penalties will be determined by Postmark Date of Mailed Rendition. You may copy to email address and/or send backup data to email, but email date will not satisfy deadline requirement.  The CAD does not have staff to monitor and respond to email, or print your rendition. ***

*** ATTENTION: OVER 65 EXEMPTIONS H.B. 394 Amends the Tax Code to include information that indicates the age of a property owner, including information indicating that a property owner is 65 years of age or older, among the information in property tax appraisal records that is prohibited from being posted on the Internet. The bill requires the Chief Appraiser for each appraisal district to ensure that any information indicating the age of a property owner that is posted on a website controlled by the appraisal district is removed from the website not later than the bill’s effective date. EFFECTIVED DATE: September 1, 2015 ***